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Day 6: Tour of the Train Stations

"Sorry, there's a train I have to stop." - Claudio, our guide/driver for the day. A good description of our day. Needless to say, I had a good time.


Morning pets :)

Train Station

The Pettorano station closed in 2011 and is pretty hard to access from town without a car due to the steep elevation change.



The Cansano station was positioned right in the middle of the national parks and its main building was bought by the Scouts to use as a hostel during camping trips.


Cansano had a surprisingly lively town square despite its small size and the heat. We stopped at a cafe and I got my first cappucino of the trip. When I asked Claudio why there were only men in town he said "men are tired and women moved at double speed." I have questions...

Campo di Giove-Maiella

Instead of stopping at the main Campo di Giove station like we did on Saturday, we stopped at the secondary line that stops right at the bottom of a black diamond ski slope in a little ski resort.


Palena station was super far from the town but it excites Claudio because it sits at the intersection of 3 roads and its depot has been converted to a bar and hostel. There is a bike rental/repair place and Claudio organizes some markets throughout the year.

Riviscondoli Pescocostanzo

This station as a bit weird because it was in the middle of two towns. The old depot is now a bar/restaurant.


Pescocostanzo was super cute town, probably the most touristy we've seen so far. Naturally we ran into an American couple at the American Cafe. We had a huge cheese plate and a bunch of desserts for lunch.


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