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Mechanical Engineering Intern at Schlumberger

Sugar Land, TX

June-August 2019

For my summer internship at Schlumberger, I designed and prototyped an auger to remove debris while milling. I CADed the designs in Creo and prototyped them using additive manufacturing. The final auger design with a ratcheting mechanism to trap debris increased debris removal efficiency by 50% by combining the functionality of 3 existing tools. The final design successfully retained and conveyed fine and greased debris while milling.



I defined the constraints  and two use cases of the tool with my manager


I researcher different aspects of augers by reading literature from the agricultural and oilfield industries

Prototyping & Testing I


3D-printed components before assembly

I testing the prototype on fine grain sand


The prototype in the natural locked position. It is opened by pushing on the auger.


The prototype in the open position. Note the gap below the storage chamber.


The auger itself, fully assembled.



The auger conveyed the debris well but the spring locking mechanism required too much force to open. To address this, I redesigned the locking mechanism based on ratchet so that it would open easily when the rotary tool was spinning clockwise and lock when it was spinning counterclockwise.

Prototyping & Testing II


The second locking mechanism prototype modeled after a ratchet

I simulated the ratchet mechanism in Creo

I tested the ratchet mechanism's locking ability before attaching it to the auger 


I presented my design to the Center's leadership and as a poster at the intern poster session at the end of the summer. Additionally, I prepared a final report that I shared with the Center.

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