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My published research projects so far fall into two broad categories: heat+energy and space.


Green Roofs

Green roofs are vegetated roofs that are installed to manage stormwater and potentially reduce urban heat.


City­-Scale Analysis of Green Roof Effectiveness in Reducing Local Surface Temperatures

Natasha Stamler

43rd International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2023

A quasi­-experimental approach for evaluating the heat mitigation effects of green roofs in Chicago, Illinois

Kathryn McConnell, Christian V. Braneon, Equisha Glenn, Natasha Stamler, Evan Mallen, Daniel P. Johnson, Raaghav Pandya, Jacob Abromowitz, Gabriel Fernandez, and Cynthia Rosenzweig

Sustainable Cities and Society, 2022


Urban heat islands and cooler infrastructure – Measuring near­-surface temperatures with hand­held infrared cameras

Andrew C. Chui, Alexei Gittelson, Elizabeth Sebastian, Natasha Stamler, Stuart R. Gaffin

Urban Climate, 2018

Urban Heat and COVID-19

Understanding where people are most vulnerable to both heat and COVID-19 and using that to inform mitigation policy.


The compound risk of heat and COVID­-19 in New York City: riskscapes, physical and social factors, and interventions

Janelle Knox-Hayes, Juan Camilo Osorio, Natasha Stamler, Maria Dombrov, Rose Winer-Chan, Mary Hannah Smith, Reginald A. Blake, and Cynthia Rosenzweig

Local Environment, 2023


The Compound Risk of Extreme Heat and COVID-­19 Exposure in New York City: Developing a Heat Exposure Index

Natasha Stamler, Mary Hannah Smith, Sylvie Binder, Janelle Knox-Hayes, Juan Camilo Osorio, and Cynthia Rosenzweig

12th Conference on Environment and Health, 2021

Building Energy Efficiency

Reducing building energy usage through optimized design.


Shape optimization of chilled concrete ceilings – Reduced embodied carbon and enhanced operational performance

Eduardo Gascón Alvarez, Natasha L. Stamler, Caitlin T. Mueller, and Leslie K. Norford

Building and Environment, 2022


Lunar Communications Tower

Developing a communications tower for the permanently shadowed regions (PSRs) of the Moon as part of the 2020 BIG Idea Challenge.

Screen Shot 2023-09-23 at 9.42.04 04965AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-23 at 9.53.37 37605AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 9.48.42 42297PM.png

Design Development of a Stable, Lightweight, Tall and Self-­Deploying Lunar Tower

Alex Miller, George Lordos, Paul Portmann, Avril Studstill, Joshua Rohrbaugh, Wilhelm Schoeman, Christian Williams, Emma Rutherford, Natasha Stamler, John Z. Zhang, Palak B. Patel, Benjamin C. Martell, Oliver de Weck, Jeffrey Hoffman, and Juan M. Fernandez

44th International IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2023

MELLTT: Multifunctional Expandable Lunar Lite & Tall Tower

Caleb Amy, Marc-André Bégin, Becca Browder, Manwei Chan, Charles Dawson, Paula do Vale Pereira, Travis Hank, Eric Hinterman, George Lordos, Benjamin Martell,  Alex Miller, Cormac O’Neill, Vineet Padia, Natasha Stamler, Jessica Todd, Nieky Wang, Dava J. Newman, Olivier L. de Weck, and Jeffrey A. Hoffman

BIG Idea Forum 2020, 2021

Autonomously Deployable Tower Infrastructure for Exploration and Communication in Lunar Permanently Shadowed Regions

Goerge C. Lordos, Caleb Amy, Becca Browder, Manwei Chan, Charles Dawson, Paula do Vale Pereira, Sydney I. Dolan, Travis Hank, Eric D. Hinterman, Benjamin Martell, Alex Miller, Cormac O’Neill, Natasha Stamler, Jessica Todd, Nieky Wang, M.-A. Bégin, V.J. Padia, Dava J. Newman, Olivier L. de Weck, and Jeffrey A. Hoffman

ASCEND 2020, 2020

Mars Greenhouse

Designing a proposed greenhouse for Mars as part of the 2019 BIG Idea Challenge.


MarsGreenhouse: Designing an ecosystem for a sustainable multiplanetary future

Eric Hinterman, Aldo Moccia, Sheila Baber, Fabio Maffia, Samuele Sciarretta, Thomas Smith, Natasha Stamler, Hans Nowak, Jana Lukic, Valentina Sumini, Zhuchang Zhang, Tajana Schneiderman, George Lordos, Elliott Seaman, Siranush Babakhanova, Joseph Kusters, Franco Bernelli­-Zazzera, Paolo Maggiore, Laura Mainini, and Jeffrey Hoffman

Acta Astronautica, 2022

06_ground floor.jpg

Mars Garden: An Engineered Greenhouse for a Sustainable Residence on Mars

Siranush Babakhanova, Sheila Baber, Franco Bernelli Zazzera, Eric Hinterman, Jeffrey Hoffman, Joseph Kusters, George C. Lordos, Jana Lukic, Fabio Maffia, Paolo Maggiore, Laura Mainini, Aldo Moccia, Hans Nowak, Tajana Schneiderman, Samuele Sciarretta, Sara Seager, Samantha Seaman, Thomas Smith, Natasha Stamler, Valentina Sumini, and Zhuchang Zhan

AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2019 Forum, 2019

Screen Shot 2023-09-23 at 9.59.03 03915AM.png

BEAVER: Biosphere Engineered Architecture for Viable Extraterrestrial Residence

Eric Hinterman, Natasha Stamler, Sheila Baber, Hans Nowak, Zhuchang Zhan, Joe Kusters, Sam Seaman, and Tajana Schneiderman

BIG Idea Forum 2019, 2019

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