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Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks

Student in 1.101: Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I at MIT

Cambridge, MA

September-December 2019


Student in 1.101: Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I

Cambridge, MA

September-December 2019

As part of the introductory civil engineering lab, I worked with a team of 4 undergraduate students to propose a project evaluating the use of different compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEBs) for affordable housing in Lusaka, Zambia.

Sample Preparation


Photo: 1.101 Course Staff

Before testing, we loaded each mixture into a mold...


Photo: 1.101 Course Staff

...and compressed each sample in an Instron machine


After we compressed the bricks, we left them to cure. After curing, we measured each brick.


Photo: 1.101 Course Staff

We measured the height and diameter of each brick


We weighed each brick

Photo: 1.101 Course Staff

We then soaked half of the bricks to determine how well they would fare in the event of in the event of flooding, an environmental hazard facing structures in Lusaka.


All bricks then underwent compression testing.

Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 12.49.57 57761

Photo: Nebyu Haile

We performed compression testing on CSEBs with different stabilizer compositions to determine their compressive strengths


1.101 CSEB project (1).png
1.101 CSEB project.png
1.101 CSEB project (2).png

At the end of the semester, my team presented our findings to the class and faculty in the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and submitted a final report.

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