ProjX Awardee

Cambridge, MA

September 2019-Present

Por-Table is a project I am running with a friend to make portable, modular, and customizable furniture. Due to COVID-19, I was not able to construct a full size model of the table, but will hopefully be able to when we eventually return.


CAD of the table and shelf in SolidWorks. See shelf animation.


I made a rapid prototype of the desk with recycled cardboard 

I made a higher fidelity 1/3 model table with 3D-printed legs...

The legs fit together well

...and a laser-cut legs and table top.

1/3 scale model of table in its folded state

1/3 scale model of table in its expanded state

I built a 3D printer for my floor...

...and used it to print add-ons for the desk...

...such as a wacky pencil holder.

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