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Day 1: Rome to Pettorano

Finally got WiFi woo! Please appreciate these MIT nerds who walked right past the bar at 11pm right into the library (OK, yes, only Lexi is in this photo but some grad students were there too).

Leaving the Hostel

The Beehive was overall a nice stay, minus the showerhead falling off during my shower. AC and the balcony were welcome surprises. The kitchen was also great.

These New Yorkers can't seem to escape our favorite mayor...

Got some breakfast. Caprese sandwich with some olives.

Train Archive!

Rate This Train! Pt. 2: Rome to Sulmona

Yes the exclamation point is part of the name, stop judging my blog

  1. Efficiency: Seemed pretty efficient but Ginevra said was slow. It took us about 2.5 hours to get to Sulmona from Rome and it took Nicholas about 2 hours by car, so not too bad.

  2. Comfort, cleanliness, and aesthetics: Nice seats again. Overhead storage for bags. Crowded at the beginning but emptied out about an hour into the ride. There was a toilet, but it was basically a porta-potty and started to stink up the car towards the end. There were chargers but they were hard to access. The windows were clean and the views were truly incredible. Smooth ride overall.

  3. Bonus factors: Friends. Views get bonus points because they were that good.

Overall rating: 8/10 (Realizing the MTA trains should really be less than a 5 or else these European trains are just gonna get crazy high scores...)

And now, the views.

Tomorrow is almost entirely train rides so get excited for the next episode of Rate This Train!

Pettorano Sul Gizio!

We got into Pettorano around 9pm, which was pretty late for dinner, but meant that we got to see the beautiful sunset from the balconies of the house we're staying in.

Fun fact: Sarah really likes cats. This will come up again later.

We got dinner at the restaurant in the main plaza in Pettorano. The food was delicious, and not just because it was late and we were very hungry. The main course was pasta with tomato sauce, eggplant, and basil and then Naksha and I split a chocolate almond cake with vanilla gelato for dessert.

After dinner we spotted a cute cat and two dogs in the plaza. The cat did not want to say hi to Sarah despite how friendly she was.


Ok y'all it is now just me alone with the blog in a library in this tiny little town with Dua Lipa blasting from the bar across the street so I'm gonna call it a night. Weekend blog posts will probably be combined with Monday because we have some long days ahead and limited WiFi access.

Bonus: Lexi's Rome Puns

Just gonna leave these here for your enjoyment. I'm taking recommendations for additions

  1. "We built this city on rock and Rome" (roll)

  2. "Honey I'm Rome" (home)

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