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Day 4: Morning Hike, Abbazia di Santo Spirito del Morrone, and Sulmona

If I lock up the library every night, does that make me the official nerd of Pettorano?

We learned how to take out the trash (or so we think)! This hypothesis will be tested tomorrow. At least we have the schedule and trash categories.

Morning Hike in Pettorano

We made some family style scrambled eggs before heading out to a 1.5-hour morning hike in Pettorano.

Naksha and I were repeatedly called out by the guide for being New Yorkers, but we all made it up, so yes, the New Yorkers are okay.

  1. Hikin'

  2. Where the mixed forest meets the reforested pine trees. The older folks in town don't like the reforestation effort because they think it's "dirty." The effort is generally good ecologically, but some trees should be chopped down and replaced with native trees to better mimic the mixed forest.

  3. Mountain asparagus. Locals pick off the asparagus-looking bits on the ends to eat.

  4. ittle sacks left on laves so eggs an be laid later.

  5. Viewwwwssss

  6. The last two apricots from Sarah's bag. They were very yummy.

We then made some lunch and then headed out for the day. Please admire John's sandwich.

Abbazia di Santo Spirito del Morrone

The afternoon was dedicated to presentations from various stakeholder presentations at the Museo dell'aglio rosso in a former monastery in the outskirts of Sulmona.

We all got very excited about the coffee machine in the building. I got a hot chocolate.

We also saw a small museum dedicated to red garlic, a regional specialty.


We drove back to Sulmona at night to get food. My car stopped at a small cheese shop to pick up some local cheese. I got a bunch of fresh ricotta and mozzarella for just 3.60 euros!

We then got some groceries and decided to stay in town to get dinner because it was late and we hadn't explored Sulmona proper much yet. We realized this was a bit of a mistake since most restaurants were closed, with it being Monday night. Nevertheless, it was nice to explore town.

There was a very cute dog outside the grocery store.

We ended up getting dinner at a restaurant that happened to be owned by a man who also owned two restaurants in the North End. The town was surprisingly "popping" in the main plaza despite the closed restaurants along the main avenue.

The town looked really cool in the lighting with the full moon and sunset.

We then got gelato from both of the gelaterias in the main plaza (because why not) and watched the sunset before getting picked up to go back to Pettorano.

Fun fact: vans are expensive, especially when gas prices are this high.

Pets of Pettorano and Sulmona

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