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Day 5: Castel di Giudice, Castel di Sangro, and Roccaraso

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Castel di Giudice

We started the day with an early drive to Castel di Giudice to learn about their migrant reception program. The town currently hosts two (or three) families from Afghanistan and Venezuela. They also had an e-bike share system.

Castel di Sangro

We then went to Castel di Sangro to hear about their initiatives from their mayor.

After the meeting I got pizza with Sarah and Naksha. We then walked around and saw some water with big fish and a playground. Naturally we had to take the opportunity to embrace our undergrad energy. We're also still big fans of all these public water bottle fillers.

Sarah got a really creepy clown doll. Just gonna group that photo with another nice photo of town and a photo of the cool permeable pavement (pun not intended) in the parking lot.


Next we headed to Roccaraso, where the team and set up a workspace for us. This will be our home base for the rest of the program.


Finally we went back to Pettorano where we pet an adorable puppy, made some more pasta for dinner, and watched some soccer.

Animal Friends of the Day

Ladybug, geese, puppy, and cat! The geese moved exactly like in the Untitled Goose Game and I was very entertained.

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